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Q. How do I find my 'Next Transaction ID'?
A. In WHMCS, go to 'Billing' -> 'Transaction List'. When you click on the Edit button next to a Transaction, the URL will show the ID, for example (&id=1001).

Q. How do I run the cron job multiple times in a day?
A. Please see this article.

Q. Can I set a start date from which data moves over?
A. You can set starting invoice and transaction numbers.
Q. Can I control whether it passes all orders or just paid orders to XERO?
A. Yes, there is an option for this in v8+.
Q. How does the integration handle cancelled or refunded invoices in WHMCS? 
A. There is an option for cancelled invoices to be voided in Xero, however, refunds must be handled manually.
Q. If an unpaid invoice is paid in Xero, can the module pull the payment from Xero into WHMCS?
A. That is correct, this is an option that can be enabled or disabled in the module. Payment confirmation emails can be triggered as usual.
Q. What sort of log files are there?
A. You can check the WHMCS Activity Log, all messages are prefixed with 'Xero: '. You can also enable the WHMCS Module Log feature to view the requests and responses made to Xero.
Q. Why are just some of my Invoices missing?
A. There are a few reasons this could happen, for example, you may have changed the WHMCS Tax Setting to Excluding from Including (or visa-versa) in the past or the invoice has Compound Tax Rates (not supported).
Q. Are Credits & Refunds Synchronised to Xero?
A. Yes, this is supported in version 9 and above.
Q. Why is the Connect to Xero button not showing?
A. If you have set up a custom Content Security Policy (CSP) in WHMCS, please ensure that *.xero.com is in your allow list.
Q. Which versions of PHP & WHMCS do you support?
A. We support all versions of WHMCS from 8.0+ and PHP 7.2+

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